Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Distingués invités,

Above all, I would like to thank you sincerely for having honored by your presence this ceremony, despite your many occupations.

Bamako will host the FIDIC-GAMA 25th Annual Conference from 06 to 09 May 2018. What is FIDIC? What is GAMA? FIDIC is the International Federation of Consulting Engineers created in 1913, and bringing together more than 105 professional engineering associations around the world. The contracts developed by FIDIC are widely adopted by the Public and Private Builders. They are now used in many countries and serve as a basis and reference in tenders, and the conclusion of international markets.

The 105 member associations of FIDIC are grouped by regions. In Africa, the group is known as GAMA (Group of African FIDIC Member Associations). Established more than two decades ago, GAMA has 16 National Associations including the Order of Consulting Engineers of Mali (OICM).

The choice of Mali to host in May 2018, the 25th annual conference of FIDIC-GAMA, honors above all our country, especially since it is organized for the first time in a French-speaking country. This choice of our country, despite the difficulties we are facing in recent years, is due, on the one hand, to the important efforts made by our Government in the development of the private sector in general, and Engineering in particular, and on the other hand, to the active participation of the OICM in the major meetings of FIDIC-GAMA. The theme of the 25th FIDI-GAMA Annual Conference is: “Aligning the Role of Consulting Engineers with the Vision of Infrastructure Development in Africa”.

This theme is not fortuitous, because if the Engineering Council accompanies the policy, development is assured. The ceremony that brings us together today, namely the launch of the 25th annual conference of FIDIC-GAMA, is to inform the Malian population and our development partners about the upcoming arrival of a global business event for the world. infrastructure industry. Under globalization, you can not stay alone and hope to survive. Above all, it is important to learn from the experience of others, knowing that projects become complex, requiring an international and multidisciplinary approach, through partnerships, joint ventures or joint ventures, etc.

This FIDIC-GAMA conference, where about 400 participants from Africa and elsewhere are expected, will be the privileged place to give and receive, as it will bring together experienced Experts from around the world, to discuss how Consulting Engineers can better help to establish the political vision of our infrastructures. The valuable contributions to infrastructure development in Africa will be shared and discussed.

The FIDIC-GAMA conference offers public and private sector engineers the opportunity to meet and discuss issues of continental interest. The resulting recommendations should help African policymakers and engineers in general, and Mali in particular, in implementing their development strategies. It is also the place to easily access business opportunities across borders, to build beneficial partnerships.

The success of this important event will benefit Consulting Engineers, Architects, Industrialists, Project and Contract Managers, Financial Institutions and Donors, NGOs, government entities involved in acquisitions, young professionals working in infrastructure, etc., etc. The FIDIC-GAMA 2018 Conference will undoubtedly contribute to the promotion of culture, hospitality, handicrafts and tourism in Mali. As the other said, “To know the friends, it is necessary to go through success and misfortune. In success, we check the quantity and in the misfortune, the quality ”

Engineers around the world trust in Mali, they are in quality. OICM will make every effort to meet the challenge, and with your support, the FIDIC-GAMA 2018 conference will be a success.

I thank you for your kind attention.

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